Have you spent 10, 20, or 45 minutes parked underneath a hair dryer with a cap on your head?

It is one of the most common sights that you will see in a salon on any given Saturday. Sweat coming down from the excessive heat. The temperature in the salon hitting 83 degrees in the dead of winter because of the dryers running at MAX heat. It is simply one of "those things" that you have to deal with. 

But you shouldn't. 


The thought process behind the Hair Cap & Dryer Method is that by putting a cap over your head, you will trap the conditioner and what little water is on your hair and you'll help it penetrate into the hair strands by creating a Greenhouse Effect underneath the cap. It is simple Kitchen Innovation that has gone from folk lore to a standard practice in most salons. As a salon owner I can tell you that it also has the added benefit of allowing stylists to begin work on another client. Because the Huetiful Salon does not double book clients with stylists, we never were influenced by trying to get another person started. So, it forced us to REALLY look at whether or not the Hair Cap & Dryer Method were effective. 

There were three problems that we discovered with the Hair Cap & Dryer Method:

1. Dry, thirsty hair needs hydration and or water restored to the hair strands. When you have a cap on your head, you are able to trap what little water is on your head but it doesn't convert that water into steam that can penetrate into the hair strands effectively. 

2. It isn't the most comfortable 20 or 45 minutes of your salon visit. 

3. A salon should not park you under a dryer so that it can start working on another client. 


After a century of doing the Hair Cap & Dryer Method and having to complain about dry hair, breakage and split ends (from excessive heat), it's time to try something new. We incorporate steam into every salon treatment that we do because we know that once you infuse steam (hydration) into strands, you have the ability to curl, straighten, and style without fear of damaging the strands. 

Our Huetiful Hair Steamer does a couple of things differently than a Hair Cap & Dryer. The most important thing to note is that you'll have 8 ounces of steam being infused into your hair strands. While there is a little bit of water on your hair under the cap, it isn't 8 ounces of water. Furthermore, it is far easier for steam to penetrate into a hair strand that water that is heated up under a cap but that never completely changes form.

The other thing that the Huetiful Hair Steamer does is that it converts the steam into ozonized steam with its Ozone Function. Ozone is nature's own anti-bacterial ingredient (read how ozone naturally works to kill bacteria here). Because the Huetiful Hair Steamer creates ozone, it can kill bacteria that can form on the scalp and lead to scalp irritation, dandruff, or other scalp health issues. Since all hair grows from the scalp, promoting a healthy scalp will promote hair growth and healthier hair. 


If the Hair Cap & Dryer Method worked so effectively, why do so many women still complain about dry hair?

We recommend incorporating the Huetiful Hair Steamer into the conditioning process or before hair is heat straightened, styled, or relaxed. We do it at our salon because we've found that it truly makes a difference in the health of our client's hair. The Huetiful Salon (Atlanta) will be open for nearly a year and we've yet to have a customer come in to complain about permanently damaged strands of hair after leaving our salon. 


You can try the Huetiful Hair Steamer for 60 Days, risk free. If you're not completely satisfied, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label to send your product back to us AND we will give you 100% of your money back. Take the Huetiful 60 Day Challenge and see for yourself. 

You can also watch our CEO talk about the difference between a Hair Steamer and the Cap & Dryer Method here. 

- Ken Burkeen, Founder & CEO, Huetiful & Huetiful Salon

Written by Ken Burkeen — August 19, 2013