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ALL ABOUT HUETIFUL (Click on cover to view and watch)


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Ken Burkeen is the innovative digital entrepreneur behind the Huetiful brand. He boldly launched the company from his living room powered by the Internet. Since launching, Huetiful has established operations in Atlanta and overseas in Amsterdam. 

The Huetiful brand is rooted in the belief that women of many hues from all around the world deserve simple solutions to achieve healthy, beautiful hair. Ken’s idea hinged on the insight that hydration is the foundation to healthy hair. Thus, the Huetiful Hair Steamer became the first product launched by Huetiful. Today, the company is a thriving global business with an array of products and services for healthy, beautiful hair for women. 


Huetiful is a homegrown enterprise that started with one simple notion; hydration is a hidden solution to every women challenge to achieve healthy, beautiful hair. At Huetiful, we are passionate about developing products that are real solutions for real women with naturally curly hair along your own hair journey. We are passionate about what we do and it shows. Our products and services are designed to solve some of your most frustrating hair challenges so you can courageously rock your hair with confidence. 



We are a company passionately committed to offering you unmatched and essential solutions that make healthy hair a habit. We realize that there are common frustrations for women around hair health, manageability and style.  Our purpose is to love you like you love your hair.  We intimately understand the bond that connects you to your hair and the nagging frustrations that go along with your own hair journey. We offer an array of products and services designed to achieve healthy, beautiful hair for life.

We are advocates of entrepreneurship and are proud to be a part of a global “start-up” community of innovative businesses who are impacting our economy.  The Internet has been our oyster of opportunity. Through supporting Huetiful, you are not only getting the best products for your hair but you are also paying it forward through the work we do to support the sustainability of entrepreneurial enterprises globally. We welcome you to our family!