One of the common frustrations we hear from both men and women with locs is "I love my locs but I'm having a hard time preventing my locs from getting dry - especially during these blazing hot summer months." 

According to Master Locticians, there are two things that you must be focused on when maintaining the health of your locs:

1. Hydration

2. Moisture

HYDRATION. Quite simply, thirsty locs need to be hydrated. The human body is 70% water; a healthy strand of hair is 10% water. Water is essential for the health, strength, and density of each hair strand. The absence of water or hydration will result in brittle, dry locs. For locs, the end result of hair that isn't properly hydrated is that it can break off or lack the luster or shine that you desire. 

MOISTURE. Secondly, you have to ensure that you've restored the proper amount of oil to your hair. Here is a great article on some ideas to keep your locs well moisturized. When we say "moisturized", we are referring to the amount of oil in the hair. The scalp naturally secretes oil. The challenge with locs is that it is often difficult for those oils secreted from the sebaceous glands to travel down the hair shaft and over that beautiful head of hair. 


WEN can we show how the steamer can be used to hydrate and moisturize? Yes, that was a play on words. Read here about how blogger, JoJo, from CurlyNuGrowth recently combined her WEN hair care system with the Huetiful Hair Steamer to get the best results on her Sisterlocks. 


           BEFORE                                  PIN UP HAIR                        HYDRATING

There are additional articles from unpaid bloggers located at the above links. We want to stress that we encourage those with locs to pin or bunch their hair up so that the ends are on top of the head and getting the most steam. We've seen a few demonstrations where those with locs merely let them hang down. This limits the amount of hydration that gets to the ends. For maximum results, always pin or bunch your hair up at the top of your head (as shown in the above pictures) where the most steam can penetrate the ends of your locs. 


ITCHY SCALP and DANDRUFF. The other common frustration we here about is scalp health and itchiness. The Huetiful Hair Steamer is equipped with an ozone feature. The ozone feature converts the steam into ozonized steam - natures cleansing system. For a scientific explanation, you can read here. Ozone has long been used to purify water without the use of chlorine and it has also been used in other sterilization processes. In fact, that "fresh clean spring rain" smell that we notice after a storm results from nature's creation of ozone. The Huetiful Hair Steamer uses ozonized steam to neutralize the bacteria that forms on the scalp and that can lead to itchiness, flakes, and dandruff. 

As always, our product comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. So you can own and use it risk-free and determine how well the product has worked on your own locs. 

If you have any questions, please email and we can provide you with answers.